Wedding cakes that will make planning all the more fun!

When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, the choices can seem endless – This weeks blog hopes to inspire and get your creative ideas flowing…

1). Floral Decadence – If your planning a more traditional wedding then you can’t really go wrong with a floral theme for your cake! Floral wedding cakes will always be ‘IN’ and it’s becoming more and more commonplace to incorporate fresh flowers as appose or in addition to their sugared counterparts. Whether your opting for a single cake design or a multi-tiered, a floral design will never let you down and is generally simple to match to your colour theme and chosen style. Floral designs also offer versatility, being an ideal choice for either indoor or outdoor weddings.

2). Bright and Unique – If your planning on ‘something a bit different’ then adding a splash of colour to brighten up your magical day has to be the answer!! Matching your wedding cake to your theme and decor is a must and once you’ve decided on your colours the rest is ‘a piece of cake’ (pun fully intended!!) Perhaps your a couple who like to do things differently or want your day to be a colourful memory for all your guests, a simple yet effective addition is to have our wedding favours matched to your cake design or perhaps opt for miniature cupcakes for your younger guests. Brightly coloured wedding cakes are becoming a popular choice for weddings and it’s not hard to see why.. The design choice is limitless and it’s a really modern way to showcase your uniqueness!

3). Simple with a modern twist – If you can’t decide then why not opt for a blend of tradition with a modern spin! Many couples choose to have a traditional plain base then a unique design added to make it unique to their wedding! Whether it be an unusual shape, quirky piping or additional pieces to match their theme such as pearls, bows or flowers. Again, the possibilities with this choice are endless and we love the on-trend geometric designs that seem to be growing in popularity amongst couples. Another easy design to match with wedding favours, reception decor and floral pieces!

4). Fun & Fabulous – This option isn’t for the faint hearted but if you want your wedding cake to be totally unique then read on… The possibilities that fall under this category are as far reaching as your imagination! A super duper choice if your opting for an entire theme for your wedding such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Rock & Roll… there really is no end to how creative you can be and as time goes on couples are becoming ever more imaginative when it come to ‘creating’ their wedding cake! Some couples are even opting for completely different spin and having their cakes made out of cheese or donuts as appose to the traditional sponge and icing we expect to see at a wedding reception. If your of a daring nature, go for it! Even if your playing it safe with your decor and tablescape – your cake is the one thing you can have fun with and really make your own!

5). Pink and Glittery – We all know every girl loves Pink (and a lot of boys too!!) Pink is a timeless choice and for many couples really sets the tone for a beautiful celebration. Of course, Pink comes in a wide variety of tones and intensity from the baby Pinks to bright Cerise to the opulence of blush or indeed a mix of each! Pink will always be a top 3 choice given its versatility to combine with many other colours and themes. To give your cake unique spin you may choose to add some glitter or a personalised cake topper to sit on the top! Personally I love bows and I maybe bias when I say it but sometimes you can’t beat keeping it simple. As the old saying goes “Pink to make the boys wink” you just can’t go wrong with this colour choice!

6). Naked – When you can’t decide on colour or your not an icing lover then go for naked! Apart from looking amazing you can really get creative! Many of couples choose to use fruit as decoration which looks epic against a darker sponge, ideal when you have guests with allergies or specific dietary requirements. Some couples even choose to have a smaller ‘naked cake’ in addition to their main one to cater for guests with the above requirements. They can be styled beautifully and quite simply, whether it be placed on a wooden slice or sat amongst an assortment of flowers.. Naked cakes also make for some of the best outdoor themed weddings as they tie-in with nature themes and can be dressed beautifully with leaves or pretty miniature lights.

As you can see the possibilities are endless and it really comes down to your theme, your colour choice and ultimately how daring you are! Deciding on your wedding cake should be fun and intriguing so enjoy looking at the various styles, shapes and unique designs and go from there. Many couples are now creating an entire vision board just for their cake and to be honest I don’t blame them! Often it is the centrepiece of your wedding table and generally a sought after photo by the wedding party and guests alike so of course you’re going to want to make it something special and if you choose to follow tradition and save a tier for your first anniversary you’ll want to choose a cake you don’t mind eating all over again so HAVE FUN & EAT CAKE!!

S x

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“We decided on a ‘Just us’ elopement wedding over-looking the Lake Windermere”

It was perfect from start to finish! Naturally, we were a little apprehensive but we needn’t have been, everyone was so incredibly welcoming and helpful. The whole day went without a hitch, it was completely stress-free having no guests to worry about or consider. It also meant we got to spend the entire few days together to enjoy being ‘husband & wife’. We wouldn’t have changed a single thing and recommend eloping to everyone- after all a wedding is about two people not two hundred!! We didn’t even miss out on the celebrations as we had organised an evening of celebrations with our family and friends on our return!