Wonderfully Inspiring Tablescapes

From the elaborate to the more subtle look, these tablescapes will fill you with inspiration for your own big day!

Who says beautiful tablescapes are reserved only for the grand, elaborate weddings? We say it doesn’t matter if you have a 30k or a 3k wedding budget – you can still have the tablescape of your dreams! We have carefully selected some truly magical table designs that will have you brimming with inspiration when planning your very own! Whether your having a small intimate ceremony with close friends and family or a larger scale ceremony with many guests, we’re sure you will find something that fits the bill for you!

Concept & planning @Les_petits_details and @svenjafischerweddings

  1. Keeping it simple – when in doubt do just that! A white weddings is timeless and will never go out of fashion!! If your planning on adding splashes of colour, whether it be colourful bouquets or bridesmaids dresses then a white tablescape can provide a neutral backdrop so things don’t look too busy! If your planning on just one or two colour accompaniments then a splash of gold or silver can really add a special touch (like in the photo above) Many brides are opting for the white backdrop with subtle tones of gold, rose gold or a splash of colour using decorative pieces or tableware which works beautifully!
Image @caratsandcake

2. Pretty in Pink – What girl doesn’t love Pink?! Pink has become an increasingly popular colour at weddings, particularly as a colour choice for tablescapes and it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s baby pink, blush pink, magenta, cerise, hot pink, dark pink… the choice is endless but all offer a soft, welcoming vibe to any wedding celebration, I’m sure you’ll agree! We just love the pink tablescape above, from the pretty lace tablecloths to the subtle pink roses carefully placed in the foliage over hang complete with hanging glass candle holders and pretty chair covers. This tablescape really shouts fairy tale wedding…perfect for a princess!


3. Don’t be afraid of adding some colour – This wonderful set-up filled with colour shows what you can achieve with colour if your daring enough! Held in a large stretch tent the bright, pops of colours really stand out against the rustic, wooden furniture and tent canvas. Here you can see how simple it can be to add some colour to your tablescape design with cost-effective lengths of tied ribbon, paper lanterns and mixed vases of bright flowers and coloured glass vases. A simple yet unique way of adding some fun to your decor! Perfect for rustic, barn or outdoor weddings and doubly perfect if your working to a budget!!

Published by @loveincmag on @aislesociety

4. No to Neon? – We say YES!!! everyone has a secret soft spot for neon let’s admit it! Now when we think of neon we tend to think of the 90’s when it was in full swing (think net fish tights, eye striking sweatbands and blinding vest tops you could see a mile off!) well, thank goodness neon has come a long way since then.. taking on a much more subtle approach and admittedly a very appealing colour scheme, even for weddings! Whether you’re planning on a full on disco themed wedding or your looking for ‘something abit different’ that your guests will remember fondly in years to come, neon may well be your answer! We love the tablescape setup above, a plain tablecloth and place settings finished off sympathetically with accents of neon pink candles

Design @paolo_nassi & @jinanekafrouny and curated by @vincenzodascanio

5. Perfect whimsical wedding – Whether your planning to hold your wedding outdoors in a magical forest or indoors and wanting a magical, whimsical theme.. this tablescape has everything you could want with its exuberant, earthy colours which are grounded and subtle but full of energy and cheerfulness. Perfect if your looking to bring the outside in! We are seeing tablescape designs using white backgrounds with increasing frequency and it’s really not hard to see why given the crispness it provides to whichever colours you wish to layer on top. We think the delicate stick candles stood in their glass holders set the scene perfectly, ideal for a small, intimate wedding or even an elopement!

@bbjlinen as featured in @myprettyparty

6. Something Blue – Wondering how to incorporate your something Blue? then think no further…. your tablescape may just be the answer!! Isn’t this colourful blue decor just absolutely amazing..?? We just LOVE IT!!! Your certain to witness many ‘wows’ and compliments with this design for sure! Finished in a Mediterranean Turquoise with background splashes of pink, yellow and green you can add whichever choice of place settings you feel would work with your wedding theme, whether it be plain white with a hint of silver or pearlescent with rose gold cutlery… the choice is endless with this fun, quirky colour scheme.

Published by @greenweddingshoes

7. Opulent Orange – Orange offers a real luxurious vibe and is perfect for indoors or outdoors so truly versatile! If your reception is due to be held in a large open space or that of super modern structure, utilising an orange colour scheme can really add warmth and grandeur which may be very much welcomed in the cooler months. We love the ceiling drapes in this example in varying shades of orange, offering a welcoming vibe which isn’t too overpowering! Broken up with green foliage and orange candles offers a real Christmassy atmosphere (whether is Christmas or not that’s never a bad feeling to emulate) The fun thing about Orange is definitely it’s versatility! You can use as little or as much as you feel fit and it will still offer the perfect accompaniment to your day.

As you can see when it comes to tablescapes and styling your reception decor the options are endless, however, we hope to have whittled down a few possibilities that may resonate with your wedding ideas to make it a little easier in deciding your colour scheme and place settings. Sometimes we are faced with unbelievable choice and although that’s not necessarily a bad thing it can certainly add to the conundrums many couples face when planning their wedding day. Often choosing your colour scheme is the first major hurdle, once that’s been decided it makes choosing the accents and add on’s much more simple!

We hope you have found some inspiration from this week’s blog or at the very least have new ideas about Neon!!

S x

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“We decided on a ‘Just us’ elopement wedding over-looking the Lake Windermere”

It was perfect from start to finish! Naturally, we were a little apprehensive but we needn’t have been, everyone was so incredibly welcoming and helpful. The whole day went without a hitch, it was completely stress-free having no guests to worry about or consider. It also meant we got to spend the entire few days together to enjoy being ‘husband & wife’. We wouldn’t have changed a single thing and recommend eloping to everyone- after all a wedding is about two people not two hundred!! We didn’t even miss out on the celebrations as we had organised an evening of celebrations with our family and friends on our return!