Things to consider when eloping!

“Go for it”

So, you’ve made the wise decision to ‘elope’ for your special day but now the questions come rolling in…where do you want to elope too? What will you both wear (the all-important question), are you going it alone or will you invite your nearest & dearest?  Yes you guessed it! There are still quite a few things to consider and that’s before planning the big reveal for your family and friends, if you choose to have one that is.

1. Don’t forget the legalities

Make sure you ‘read up’ on the legalities of where you wish to marry. These depend on the country you’re getting married in, for instance rules in Scotland differ from those in England & Wales. Some countries abroad also require you to be resident in the country for x amount of days prior to the ceremony taking place. Other countries, like Spain for example require either one of the couples to have been resident in the country for a minimum duration directly prior to the ceremony taking place. This is an absolute must when planning your day, especially when going abroad- hence why it’s top of our list!

2. Finding a decent photographer

Perhaps the next most important consideration after deciding on your venue and the day’s attire! ‘Who will capture your special day?’ When eloping you may not have the luxury of being able to use recommended photographers depending on where you will be saying ‘I do’ however, don’t let that deter you! Do your research and don’t be afraid of asking to see weddings the photographer has covered previously. Any reputable photographer should happily accommodate. It’s also worth searching for those that specialise in ‘elopements’ they generally know all the tricks in the book when it comes to couple photography and are quite often already acquainted with local venues. On our website we have a selection of the very best elopement specialist photographers, some of whom we have personally used at our own elopement weddings and come highly regarded! Your photographs will help you to relive the most special day of your lives so getting it right is a must and we are here to help!

3. Visit the venue beforehand

If possible, this is always a wise decision! If you want your day to go ‘without a hitch’ we would highly recommend this one. Of course visiting your chosen venue isn’t always feasible, especially if you’re planning on getting married abroad. This where recommendations and reviews are golden! If you can speak with other couples who have previously got married there, fire away with your questions! Sometimes it’s the little things we like to know that aren’t necessarily advertised within mainstream advertising. You can also ask questions or post recommendations in our ‘forum’ section. It’s an informal go-to hub for those planning a wedding, whether it be here in the UK or somewhere abroad.

4. What to wear

Perhaps the most important after finding your perfect venue! What to wear on the big day…? Couples choosing to elope often do so because they don’t want all the hustle and bustle. Some brides prefer to wear a pretty two-piece whilst other brides opt for the dress of their dreams. Remember it doesn’t have to be White or formal as long as you feel comfortable! Equally for grooms, some opt for the traditional formal suit whilst others opt for a more casual look, long shorts are becoming increasingly popular, especially for abroad elopers! Choosing what to wear on one of the most important days of your life isn’t the easiest decision, let’s be honest! However, it’s a very personal choice and as long as you both feel incredible that’s all that matters.

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“We decided on a ‘Just us’ elopement wedding over-looking the Lake Windermere”

It was perfect from start to finish! Naturally, we were a little apprehensive but we needn’t have been, everyone was so incredibly welcoming and helpful. The whole day went without a hitch, it was completely stress-free having no guests to worry about or consider. It also meant we got to spend the entire few days together to enjoy being ‘husband & wife’. We wouldn’t have changed a single thing and recommend eloping to everyone- after all a wedding is about two people not two hundred!! We didn’t even miss out on the celebrations as we had organised an evening of celebrations with our family and friends on our return!