Our Story: How we arranged the perfect elopement wedding

Paul and I met through our work as independent practitioners within the healthcare field.  We seemed to have a habit of crossing each other’s path at various courses we attended and professional conferences, little did we know when we first met that we would be happily married within two years!

I had always vowed never to get married as I didn’t really think it warranted a lot of money and fuss for a piece of paper and a ring!

I now understand the saying “yes but when you meet ‘the one’ your whole perspective will change” – mine certainly did!

I received a very unexpected proposal (sat eating our breakfast in M&S of all places – I was also 8 months pregnant at the time!).  I’m still surprised I didn’t go into labour there and then – and of course I happily accepted and set about the daunting task of organising our wedding.

Where to begin?! I got out my paper & pen and set about making a list of everything we thought we wanted and needed. To begin with, we set about organising a large-scale wedding to accommodate the growing list of people that filled up our note pad, we even paid a deposit at a beautiful venue just a short drive from where we lived.

Fast forward a few months and it was all change! After many late-night discussions Paul & I decided the £15,000 we had put aside for the wedding could be put to better use, more specifically to our holiday home fund which we would enjoy for many years as appose to just one day! It wasn’t an easy decision to make but coupled with the fact we didn’t have the ‘traditional family set-up’ either it really ended up being a no brainer decision!

‘Elopement’ was a term that wasn’t completely alien to me but I also knew very little in terms of how I went about organising a ‘run away’ wedding as I had always thought of them to be… how wrong was I!! After hours of research and googling I had a completely new insight into what an elope wedding actually was and it fitted Paul and I to a tee!

So now the planning… that where I came unstuck! It seemed such a difficult task in trying to locate venues which offered elope weddings, my initial search returned just two venues which were a 4 hour drive from where we lived and on enquiring both were fully booked throughout the summer. Who said elopement weddings weren’t common?!! It took me many more hours to actually locate the perfect venue but it was just that, Perfect!

The booking process was very simple, we were given our very own wedding organiser who contacted us within a week of booking to clarify our wishes for the big day. Suddenly there was no longer any stress or worry and we felt more at ease.  We made a simple list, a much shorter one this time, purely focusing on what Paul and I wanted – we discussed the flowers, cake and room choice for our stay.  That was it! It really was that simple.

As the venue was a few hours drive from home I booked the services of a local hairdresser and makeup lady who operated close to the venue. I must admit I was nervous as the first time I would meet her was the morning of the wedding when she would see my hair for the first time!!

However, I needn’t have worried, she was great and it all went without a hitch!

We did encounter one small hitch – we had forgotten to bring our wedding flowers with us! After a mad dash to a local florist on the morning of our wedding all was well and the flowers actually turned out to be much nicer than the ones we had left at home so it ended up being a worthwhile mistake!

The day itself was truly PERFECT. There was zero stress, no running round like headless chickens, we were brought breakfast in our room before preparing for our ceremony which was set in the grounds of beautiful gardens in a wooden pagoda. My hair & makeup lady did an amazing job and instantly dissolved any anxiety I had built up. She cemented my belief in the kindness of strangers as did lovely photographer who captured the most stunning photos from start to finish.

Our ceremony consisted of Paul and I, two witnesses supplied by the venue whom we had never met but were just as lovely as everyone else and the two registrars. It honestly couldn’t have been more perfect and to top it off we had glorious sunshine all day!

After the wedding ceremony the two of us sat at a picture-perfect table looking out at the nearby lake and stunning gardens to soak up the start of ‘married life’ together.

We enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea and of course a few glasses of obligatory champagne! As the day came to an end, we both agreed the day couldn’t have been any more perfect and we knew we had made the right decision to Elope.

We were able to fully enjoy the day, having nobody else to have to consider or worry about. We were able to take in every little detail and we didn’t leave each other side for the entire duration. When it was time to leave, we didn’t want to come home we had loved every single minute and wished we could repeat it all over again!

Since coming home, I often play the piece of violin music we chose to walk down the gardens too and it takes me right back!

Side note: If you forget flowers don’t stress but whatever you do don’t forget your music! Your music choice is personal to your special day.  After the wedding, if you feel stressed after a hard day at work you can play it and that stress will instantly dissolve, music has a magic and the memory of your special day will add that special ingredient, your everlasting comfort blanket!

This is where Elope Weddings was born… the sheer bliss of our own wedding contributed to my unwavering desire and passion to help other couples wishing to elope to find their perfect venue, support, and people to make your private, personal wedding perfect and memorable.

My hope is that Elope Weddings will serve as a simple, helpful yet interactive platform to enable you to organise your special day without the stress that so often accompanies the planning process and can come sometimes overshadow the wedding day itself.

Here, we can create a community of past, present and future ‘elopers’ where we can share our elopement wedding stories, our beautiful photos and recommendations to give eloping the credit it so readily deserves!

10% of all listing fees go to the Gift Of A Wedding charity

"Quite simply, our charity is about bringing joy, love and happiness to those with a terminal or life-shortening illness. We do that by gifting wedding services and vow renewals to people regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation with the help of the generous UK wedding and hospitality industry and gifted volunteers all around the UK."



“We decided on a ‘Just us’ elopement wedding over-looking the Lake Windermere”

It was perfect from start to finish! Naturally, we were a little apprehensive but we needn’t have been, everyone was so incredibly welcoming and helpful. The whole day went without a hitch, it was completely stress-free having no guests to worry about or consider. It also meant we got to spend the entire few days together to enjoy being ‘husband & wife’. We wouldn’t have changed a single thing and recommend eloping to everyone- after all a wedding is about two people not two hundred!! We didn’t even miss out on the celebrations as we had organised an evening of celebrations with our family and friends on our return!